Swish Plastic Products are BPA and BPS Free!

Purchase Swish Plastic with confidence in its strength and safety.

If you have an interest in the plastic industry or are concerned about the safety and environmental effects of plastic products, you may have read recently about two sets of initials: BPA and BPS. These stand for bisephenol A (BPA) and bisephenol S (BPS), two monomers that are commonly used in polycarbonate plastics and some metal products.

BPA and BPS have been in the news because of their potential adverse effects to young and unborn children. According to studies published by UCLA, exposure to bisephenol S affects embryonic development; its impact could result in stunted growth, birth defects, and other brain traumas.

BPS was regularly implemented as an alternative to BPA, after the original monomer was found to cause problems in the body’s endocrine system. While the results of these studies are still being analysed and debated, some public health officials have tried to downplay the dangers of BPA and BPS. According to Australia and New Zealand’s Food Standards administration, the levels of these monomers found in plastic products are not high enough to pose any public threat.

It is possible that you can continue to use plastic products with BPA or BPS and avoid any negative consequences. However, the issues posed by dangerous monomers can be avoided entirely by using products that are both BPA and BPS free.

How is Swish Plastic Made?

Swish Plastic products are made from a copolyester polymer created by Eastman Tritan. As stated on Eastman Tritan’s FAQ page, their products are completely free of BPA and BPS. Eastman Tritan polymers are submitted to a battery of tests to ensure that they are completely safe and hazard-free.

Buy Swish Plastic Products with Confidence

Swish Plastic glasses are an investment in safety, convenience, and longevity. Made from shatterproof Eastern Tritan polymers, Swish Plastic glasses are virtually unbreakable. Eliminate the cost of replacing broken glasses from your budget by buying Swish Plastic. Our products are also dishwasher-safe, making them more convenient than competitive products that must be washed by hand.

Our glasses are tested for quality and safety to ensure complete consumer confidence. Check out our product list for more information.