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Why Buy Plastic Glasses?

Swish Plastic glasses are made from premium tritan plastic. Tritan is a high quality plastic that is virtually unbreakable and shatter proof.

Why Shop With Us?

Swish Plastic was established with the goal of providing Australian homes and the hospitality industry with the finest range of unbreakable tritan plastic glasses.

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Our Plastic Glasses Are:

  • Virtually unbreakable – increasing safety for staff, patrons, guests and children. This also reduces glass reorders, saving you money.
  • Shatterproof – the super strong tritan construction ensures the glasses won’t break or shatter when dropped. Watch the video below to see just how strong our tritan glassware is!
  • Dishwasher safe – top shelf only. Plastic glassware is perfect for quick, easy cleanup in your home or licensed premises. Our glasses have been thoroughly tested in a range of different dishwashers.
  • BPA Free – our tritan unbreakable glasses are BPA free (unlike other plastic glasses made from polycarbonate). Tritan is a type of plastic that is completely free of bisephenol A (BPA) and bisephenol S (BPS), two monomers that are commonly used in polycarbonate plastics and some metal products. Tritan plastic glasses are submitted to a large variety of tests to ensure that they are completely food/drink safe and hazard-free.
    Tritan is tested and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure its safety and quality. In addition, the company that created tritan plastic uses third-party testing companies to guarantee accurate analysis of their products.

Who Benefits From Using Our Glasses?

  • Venue owners and managers looking at creating a safer environment for their patrons and staff, and to save money on constant reorders due to breakages of traditional glasses.
  • Pool and boat owners. Because of their unbreakable tritan construction, our glasses are safer near pools and on boats, particularly when alcohol is involved!
  • Event coordinators that require the use of plastic glasses. We stock a full range of unbreakable glasses that are ideal for a variety of events in Australia & worldwide. Best of all, you can reuse the glasses for your next event.
  • Anyone! Our tumblers, wine glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses and champagne glasses are ideal for everyday use and are BPA free. Our customers range from people hosting parties over the summer months, to those wanting a safer alternative for their children at home.

    We pride ourselves on offering Australia’s best products and customer service, and as such get a large number of repeat orders. If you are unsure if our glasses are suitable for you please contact us on 0405 164 922 or info@swishplastic.com.au and we’ll be happy to assist.

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